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They're hoping to find her twin before it's too late. He says he heard the girls talking about him a month ago. He looks for hiding places and finds a camera, microphone and transmitter in the drapes. Dad says there was a break-in eight months ago, they reported it to the police. It's a letter from a woman named Rosalind to Roy, hoping that he'll come back one day even though he treated her cruelly. She serves them tea and says he came to use her phone when his car broke down nearby. The dad asks if they think Maya's dead also and Jane instantly says yes. It’s less urgent, if you like, because they’re not chasing down a monstrous serial killer. My favorite of the storylines is Jane has to go back to his old psychic tricks. This time, it sounds like you’re writing one that’s more definitive? I would never say never, because it’s such a vibrant character, but the chance to actually end the story is something rarely given in this business, so were taking full advantage of that. Somebody, I won’t tell you who, said, “We should kill them all in a massive explosion.” That’s not going to happen. No one involved is walking away and throwing down the mike and saying, “F–k y’all, I’m done with this.” It’s been a remarkably happy experience. But when you’ve done seven years and have an end date, people concentrate on that. The great thing about being able to do a final season is it’s a gift, an encore, it’s being able to do all the things people love about the show, all the nuances humor and suspense. For the audience it’s important to give a sense of closure. We’re trying to make it as classic of a season of as we can.

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It's a young woman, sliced up Red John style, with painted toe nails.