Healthy dating relationships in college

27-Oct-2017 15:33

College is all about new experiences: the start of a new life, new friends, new freedom, and new relationship experiences.

This article is free to any college/university for purposes of dissemination to students (e.g., as part of college orientation, first-year seminar, or college course).

Many people (mistakenly) believe that disagreements are destructive in relationships.

However, you should be secure enough in your relationship to discuss the small issues that inevitably arise so that they don’t turn into major drama.

It may just take a bit of extra effort to maintain closeness with your partner (e.g., texting, Skype, Face Time, phone calls, etc.).

Dealing with Break-up For a variety of reasons, break-ups are common in the first-year of college.

Maybe your high school relationship didn’t work out, or a new college relationship fizzled out.

Break-ups can result in negative emotions and feeling less sure of who you are.

To achieve this, good communication is important especially when discussing problems.

Not surprisingly, romantic relationships are responsible for life’s happiest moments.

For that reason, it is important to avoid problematic relationships that could jeopardize your college education.

Most importantly, avoid negative forms of communication like criticizing partners, being overly defensive, refusing to talk/shutting them out, or having a lack of respect or contempt.

The research shows that relationships with this type of communication are certain to end.In fact, rather than jumping right back into a relationship, spend some time alone and focus on yourself because having a clear sense about who you are will lead to better relationships down the road. However, living down the hall from someone may not be the best foundation for a healthy relationship.

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