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Or shoppers who misuse coupons and even use counterfeit ones, just to make their savings look even more impressive?Well, buckle up then, because three years after airing its last original episode, “Extreme Couponing” is back! The love-it-or-hate-it reality show returns to TV this week.So the new special aims to focus on the positive, less objectionable, moments of the series.The network hasn’t released a full description of the show, but it reportedly contains a mix of old and new segments.But if you’re a fan (or foe), don’t get too excited (or angry) about a possible permanent return.“Greatest Givers: Extreme Couponing” is set to air at 9pm (8pm CST) this Friday, November 20th on Discovery Family Channel, a sister network of TLC, the series’ original home.Also look for the blue couponing printing box on the right hand site of my site. Red Plum Smart Source If you like to Shop online, some of my favorite resources are Shop Runner, Amazon Subscribe & Save, Swagbucks, and Groupon.

The tide quickly turns from counting your blessings, to trampling other shoppers and doing whatever it takes to get all the best deals.“Melissa” from season 2 (and from the All-Stars specials) says she’ll be in it, as does the founder of Operation Troop Aid, a military charity that received care-package donations from “Nathan” in season one.