Enfj and enfp dating

11-Dec-2017 03:27

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By learning about your conflict resolution styles as well as others’ preferred ways of solving conflict, you’ll discover how to settle your issues in a timely, effective manner.

Use the TKI Profile & Interpretive Report in your business, classroom, or in your personal life to aid you in successful conflict resolution in a variety of situations.

Each can be highly effective if used properly in the right circumstance.

The key to successfully utilizing each conflict is based on knowing when to use each mode, and then having the skills to perform each mode well.

Threats should be usually used as a last resort and with great care as they tend to do a great deal of damage of any standing goodwill and promote defiance, counter-threats, and retaliation.

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By avoiding exaggerations and sticking to the evidence, a positive overall outcome is much more likely (Thomas 17-18).Other times a situation may require you to make an unpopular action, in which case you may need to use firmness to impose these decisions.Some examples of this may be enforcing budget cut backs and enacting disciplinary actions or ending an individual’s employment.Thomas states that it is also important to work on making sure that you fight fairly.

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In the midst of a discussion it may be tempted to strengthen your position exaggeration, which should be avoided as it is likely to lessen your credibility now and on future issues.In some situations, such as in emergency situations, quick and decisive decisions need to be made and so having an individual with expertise or authority take control may be the best course of action.

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