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22-Oct-2017 14:47

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22 percent of men and 14 percent of women admitted to having sexual relations outside their marriage sometime in their past.

90 percent of Americans believe adultery is morally wrong.

Twenty-five percent have felt that they lost control of their Internet sexual exploits at least once or that the activity caused problems in their lives. Alvin Cooper -Up to 37% of men and 22% of women admit to having affairs.

Researchers think the vast majority of the millions of people who visit chat rooms, have multiple "special friends". Bob Lanier, -Only 46% of men believe that online affairs are adultery.

.5 of the billion is related to internet porn.

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Younger people are more likely candidates; in fact, younger women are as likely as younger men to be unfaithful.

Controlled cheating surveys are scarce and the below infidelity percentages have been randomly collected from various sources.

INFIDELITY AND CHEATING STATISTICS: INTERNET PORN STATISTICS billion revenue world-wide.0 billion of this is US revenue, more than all combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises or the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC (6.2 billion).

Only 3 percent of the 4,100 successful men surveyed eventually married their lovers.

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Frank Pittman has found that the divorce rate among those who married their lovers was 75 percent.

Cooper et al Survey -8-10 percent of Internet users become hooked on cybersex. Bob Lanier, Spouses who get hooked on Internet porn are a growing complaint among spouses filing for divorce, according to a survey of 350 divorce attorneys.

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