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Magnavox gave them the use of their boardroom and one of their 19-inch TV sets; Ralph set up the TV, along with the Brown Box, the light gun, and the golf putting device.

One by one, a large number of people filed into the room.

Called the Brown Box because of its simulated woodgrain self-adhesive covering, the Brown Box was used to take the project to the next and most important step: finding a licensee.

Demonstrations were made to Cable TV system operators Teleprompter in 1968.

Once that was in place, the Brown Box and all the design data turned over to Magnavox engineers in Fort Wayne; they got started on a prototype for what was to become their first Odyssey (Model 1TL200) TV Game in 1972.

Bill Harrison and Ralph made trips to Fort Wayne in March and June of 1971 to help with technical and marketing decisions.

- Ralph Baer's biography - The accessories of the Odyssey - Percepts, the free Odyssey add-on game - The extra games of the Odyssey - The Apex-Magnavox 2-in-1 blue card - Schematics of the Odyssey cartridges - The different modules of the Odyssey (circuit boards) - The Odyssey, as sold in France - The German manuals of the Odyssey - Spanish Odyssey clone: Overkal - Argentinian Odyssey clone: Telemach De Panoramic Some sellers happen to propose Odyssey and other Pong games at very (and sometimes extremely) high prices.After more than two years of work on TV gaming systems at Sanders Associates, Ralph Baer and his two coworkers Bill Harrison and Bill Rush ended up with a prototype unit which played 12 games using mylar overlays, some of which used a light gun.They had also developed the so-called dynamic ball action "de/dt" chassis to offer more advanced game features.Although the prices fluctuate constantly, an Odyssey generally sells at around these prices:- Under 0 for a complete one but untested.

- Up to 0 for a complete and fully working specimen in great condition (depends of year of manufacture).- Up to 0 for a professionnally refurbished unit (electronically restored), complete and in great condition.Click the link to have good idea of the average value among the successful auctions.

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